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The Norwegian nature has the exact values that our customers are looking for:

Low-priced hydroelectric power

100 % renewable energy

New diversity providing low latency

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About Altibox Carrier

Moving at the speed of light. Energy from our cold
and wet climate to power the future - and your data.

Sea cable Larvik - Hirtshals 1

Installing the 173 km sea cable across the Skagerrak gives
opportunities for a new industry in Norway - data centers.

Main fiber Larvik - Oslo

New data highway connecting Norway and Europe.
Phase one - land cable from Oslo to Larvik.

Sea cable Larvik - Hirtshals 2

Finalising the cable that connects Norway to global data centers and other enterprises that want to reduce their carbon footprint.


Altibox Carrier is establishing a large fiber network across Europe which will ensure robust and state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. The new overseas cables will connect Norway to important digital hubs such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Hamburg. With a capacity of up to 216 terabits per second, the Altibox Carrier network will significantly increase data capacity between Norway and the rest of the world.

Overseas fiber cables under installation

The Skagen Fiber West between Norway (Larvik) and Denmark (Hirtshals) will be installed and ready by the end of 2020.

The NO-UK cable between Norway (Green Mountain) and United Kingdom (Newcastle) will be installed and ready by the end of 2021.


Learn more about our recent projects and milestones.

Seabed survey for NO-UK cable completed

The NO-UK submarine cable project, connecting Newcastle to the Norwegian landing point in Stavanger, has reached a new milestone ...

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Installation contract awarded for Skagenfiber

Altibox Carrier has awarded the contract to install the Skagenfiber West cable between Larvik and Hirtshals to the Norwegian company Cecon Contracting ...

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NO-UK Survey

Stavanger, Norway. 10th July 2020 – NO-UK Com AS and Altibox are pleased to announce that the marine survey for the NO-UK submarine cable ...

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